The Circus, Bath


The construction of The Circus an architectural masterpiece designed by John Wood (Elder) began in 1754 and following his death just 3 months later was completed by John Wood (Younger) in 1768. Originally named The Kings Circus the diameter was designed to match that of Stonehenge at 319 feet. Wood was convinced of Baths origins as the centre of Druid life in Britain. Three classical Orders (Greek Doric, Roman/Composite and Corinthian) are used, one above the other, in the elegant curved facades.

The frieze of the Doric entablature is decorated with alternating triglyphs and 525 pictorial emblems, including serpents, nautical symbols, devices representing the arts and sciences, and masonic symbols. The parapet is adorned with stone acorn finials. We hope that John Wood would have approved of our survey of Number 9, which is an iconic residence in its own right.

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Client: Simon Morray Jones Architects Industry: Residential Service(s): Building

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